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knockout plug in camcorder-1671For more than 25 years we have been helping law enforcement professionals shoot silent video using a “Dead Short Knock-Out Plug.”  Over that time we have numerous requests from participants asking for a set of instructions to help them make the plugs once they returned to their agencies.  Early this Spring I began work on an instructional video.  For lots of reasons it did not get completed.  After the class in Denver a federal agency asked for help with so that they could spread the word about Knock-Out plugs.  In response to that request, I have posted a short slide show video on YouTube. It is a slide show and not the video I had planed.  Here is the link:

Please watch the video and let us know your reaction. Thank you!

August 13, 2016
by Wadi Sawabini
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Video Camcorder Training on the I-5 Corridor

DJI_0012I wanted to share with you an aerial shot of where I am conducting the two classes for the San Clemente Border Patrol Checkpoint.  This shot was made by Patrol Agent Adam Rainoff using his drone.  In addition to working as a Border Patrol Agent, Adam is a professional photographer. He attended our first class at the checkpoint.

To orient you, this shot was made facing north. In the center of the frame is I-5 with traffic slowed as cars go through the checkpoint. Just north and to the right of the checkpoint is a red roofed building that backs up to the hillside. It contains the classroom.

On the extreme left of the picture is the old California Coast Highway, Route 101. Next are the railroad tracks used by Amtrak and freight trains.

The checkpoint borders US Marine Base Camp Pendleton. The road to the East of the Checkpoint is the original El Camino Real (the Royal Road or King’s Highway) which was the road used by the Spanish beginning in 1683 to reach Missions as far north as Sonoma.

To get to the checkpoint one has to go north on I-5.  Miss the high speed landing and you have to go up to the next exit turn around, go south to the exit below the checkpoint and then get back on I-5 northbound. You learn very quickly how to do the high speed landing since cars are not allowed in the truck lane.

August 4, 2016
by Wadi Sawabini
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Evidence Grade SD Cards Designed for Law Enforcement

DELKIN_LE FrontThose who have attended our classes have heard me extol the virtues of the SD cards made by Delkin Devices in Poway, California.


Now the company has come to the market with SD cards designed especially for Law Enforcement! Each card comes with a serial number and a write-in label with officer name, date and case number. Delkin says the cards “ are built with a locked list of components, guaranteeing in-field performance and compatibility with police issued cameras over time.”


Participants in this week’s class have been testing the cards and have been favorably impressed the quality, the serial numbers and the labels. The cards are available in


For the moment those wanting to buy these Law Enforcement SD cards are advised to call Mr. Scott Clark at Delkin. Call him at 800-637-8087.